Hikes in Canmore, Alberta

Hikes that are very close to Canmore and easy to drive to from Calgary! Difficulty & distances vary.

1. Grassi Lakes

Distance: 3.8-4.5km
Elevation: 170m
Duration: 1h
COMMENTS: Pretty nice hike throughout the year when the water is not frozen. This hike gets crazy busy in the summer. There are two routes on the hike, one with stone stairs and one without. Very beautiful, but very busy.

2. Ha Ling Peak and Miner’s Peak

Distance: 7-9.3km
Elevation: 650-730m
Duration: 1.5-2.5h
COMMENTS: A fairly straightforward hike that can get really busy in the summer. Switchbacks and well marked trails the entire way until the peak. It is >9km if you decide to go to Ha Ling peak (left) and Miner’s peak (right). Or it is around 7km if you hike just to the saddle.

3. Grassi Knob

Distance: 9-10km
Elevation: 900-1037m
Duration: 1-2.5h
COMMENTS: You definitely will need your maps for the beginning and end of this hike as there are MANY trails in the trees leading to the uphill part of the hike. You can also do this hike as an out and back, not a loop (check all trails). We missed the turn off to head up and did an extra 4km, so please check your map! Hard uphill of loose ish dirt and tree roots.

4. G8 G9 (on Grotto Mountain)

Distance: 5-6km
Elevation: 330m
Duration: 1-2h
COMMENTS: You definitely will need your maps for this trail MANY trails in the trees that go in all direction. You don’t have to do the loop, but it made for great views at the highest point out towards the Three Sisters.

5. Highline Loop

Distance: 7-9km
Elevation: 200-450m
Duration: 1-2h
COMMENTS: Again get your maps! So many trails leading in all directions for this one and we missed a turn again so did a bit extra. Mostly flat ish through the trees, not really any views along this one, but very pleasant!

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