I’ve been involved in sport my entire life, from soccer, which took up most of my spare time, to the bits of volleyball, track, and basketball, and basically any activity I could do.

I love sports and moving, and I love connecting with people which led me to complete my Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Fast forward, I complete my Masters of Physiotherapy in Brisbane, Australia, love life down under for five years, then move back to my hometown, Calgary, and then Canmore, Canada.

My appreciation for quality movement developed during my Masters program when I was studying in Australia and spent more time in the gym. I started learning more about my own movements and how to improve them. I started getting and feeling stronger.

I want young girls to stay in sport and build their identity and character. I want movement to be sustainable. I want to share this love for movement with as many people as possible.


Hannah Antony, Physiotherapist
Masters of Physiotherapy, MPhty, University of Queensland, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
Bachelor of Kinesiology, BKin, University of Calgary, CALGARY, CANADA


Living a long and healthy life is really my main objective. The idea that ‘health is wealth’ rings true to me. It is my belief that we should prioritize a sustainable, healthy lifestyle now. We all take our health for granted, and only realize it’s importance when it is taken from us.

I have had a few injuries (multiple fractured ankles and an ACLR, most recently), that have really emphasized the physical and mental toll that our health takes. As a young, competitive female athlete, I struggled with low energy availability and the consequences of that. As a physiotherapist, I have witnessed these injuries and changes in people’s lives. And I have also been there to help them through it. With my platform, I want this reach to go beyond the one-to-one.

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