Let this be the first drop.

Read more about each injury rehab program.

Access to Free Educational Resources that are backed by science:

  • The Female Athlete – learn about nutrition, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and other factors that impact the female athlete 
  • Injury Education – read short insights on specific injuries to get you started on your recovery like ITB pain, back pain and what to do when you have an acute injury (p.s. it isn’t RICE anymore!)

ACL Injury Resources:

  • Watch the ACL injury milestones video to learn about key phases of ACLR rehab
  • Knee extension information and exercises – free video to see what I did during my ACLR rehab to regain knee extension
  • Insights for returning to sport and the psychological side of ACLR rehab
  • Short warm ups and workouts for mid stage ACLR, late stage ACLR, knee stiffness and front of knee soreness

More information on running, mindset and mental health. 

I can’t wait for you to be part of the Ripple community!

To become a Ripple Member, there is an in-app purchase of once-off $15 CAD.

Here are what some Ripple members have to say about the app and programs:

I’m loving the kettlebell workouts. Helping me be consistent because they are quick but effective. I’ve upped my weights after only a couple of weeks. I’m a recovering cardio queen but turning 40 soon – I know I need to up my protein and strength game. Your app is making it easier for me to be consistent with strength.

Heather L. – on the Kettlebell Beginner Workouts

Loved the videos!! Especially for some of the warm ups which occasionally had movements I was not used to. It is a good program to follow whilst running and doing other activities. I don’t feel absolutely trashed following it and it is easy to make changes to weight if I need any scaling.

Deanna I. – on the General Strength Program

I enjoyed the exercises and felt like it engaged a lot of cycling specific zones. Overall, I feel that the workouts are a good routine for a cyclist!

Ricky J. – on the Cycling Strength & Stretch Program

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