The ACLR Recovery Journey

ACLR (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstructions and ruptures (ligament tears) can be a devastating injury.

ACL injuries often have such a massive impact on an each person usually due to the fact that it is often an athlete who tears their ACL during a season, and therefore, have to end their season. The options for recovery can include non-operative management or surgical management.

ACL injuries also have a very high rate of re-injury and take 12 months to get back on the field (court or snow), and maintenance rehab training can often lead into 2-5 years.

My ACLR Experience

I injured my ACL in 2021 playing competitive soccer. I have shared my experience through my blog posts to hopefully provide some insight to what this injury entails and to support other athlete in their injury recovery.

I tore my left ACL playing soccer, I completed prehab for 3 months, then had surgery with a bone-patellar-bone graft at the end of 2021. It ended my soccer season, it took me out of the snowboarding season and had me off work for two separate bouts of about 5 weeks each. As a physiotherapist, I have also diagnosed and treated many patients who have had this injury, not once but multiple tears and surgeries. The path might be long and hard, but having certain supports set it place can make the path easier. In the end, you will get out of rehab what you put into it, so make it worth it.

If you just injured your ACL, you can purchase the ACL Injuries ebook which will take you through what this injury will entail.

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