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My Treatment Philosophy

1. Listen
In our one-on-one session, I’d like to understand your perspective, including your injury, pain, experience, and how you reached this point.

2. Movement
Using movement assessments, we identify factors affecting your pain and establish short-term adjustments and long-term goals. We gather baseline data, including strength and range of motion, through tools like Humetric, questionnaires, or goal-specific outcomes.

3. Plan
To target your injury and goals, we need to make a plan to get you there. We will determine the type of programming or rehab needed, as well as, any activity modifications or lifestyle changes needed to support this plan.

4. Execute
After your session, you’ll receive personalized exercises to help you progress. We’ll work together to determine our next steps and the path to your goals. With outcome measures and a clear plan, you’ll have a roadmap for your rehab, and I’ll be here to provide guidance and support.

What you should expect from your physiotherapy appointment:

  • one-to-one physiotherapy treatment
  • individualized programming and exercise rehab for your needs
  • goal setting and mindset shift to maintain mental health during rehab
  • a collaboration to find the best way that your injury rehab can fit into your life and goals

What I treat as a private practice musculoskeletal Physiotherapist:

  • Nerves, joints, ligaments and muscles – this basically encompasses most sports and general day-to-day injuries
  • Special interest in lower limb injuries – I have had surgery on one ankle and fractured the other, as well as, going through ACLR surgery
  • Exercise prescription and programming for most lower limb injuries – such as ankle sprains, foot injuries, knee pain and ligament sprains or tears, hip pain and post-operative surgeries

There are specialized physiotherapists trained in injuries like dizziness, concussions, pelvic health, and neurological conditions – these are not my areas of expertise, however I can help refer you to the right practitioner. 

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Let’s work together to get you back to the activities you love.

See what my patients have to say about their experiences:

Hannah has been amazing in helping me rehab after my ACL surgery. I have seen her since day one and now over a year later I am feeling great. I have been able to return to my activities that I enjoyed pre surgery. Her workout plans are exceptional and a great way to keep strengthening my knee in between visits.

Rebecca E.

After two years of an ACL and meniscus reconstruction, I was still struggling to recover my hamstring and quad strength and to trust my leg capabilities. It overall affected my daily physical life. Hannah created a personalized program with multiple focus and workouts that helped me immensely to improve my overall performance, get the power back and the trust. I feel stronger and confident in sports, but also on my day to day activities. I’m now enjoying my workouts and feeling excited for results. I’m extremely grateful to feel good again.

Judith V.

Hannah was my physiotherapist for pre and post knee surgery. Throughout the year I worked with her, she was so knowledgeable, friendly, understanding and supportive. I’m certain Hannah was the reason for my speedy recovery post surgery! I would definitely recommend Hannah to anyone in search of a great physiotherapist!

Kate P.

Phenomenal physiotherapist. Extremely competent and very kind. I really enjoyed the fact that she listened to my issues and didn’t jump to conclusions prior to assessment!

Aaron L.

I have nothing but good things to say about the work Hannah has done to get me back to my previous level of activity! The programs that Hannah developed for me were thorough and thoughtful. She was flexible and understanding to make sure the programs fit into my lifestyle and I would be motivated to do them! Having gone through my fair share of injuries and rehab programs, I can confidently say Hannah knows her stuff. She is always up to date on the latest research and testing methods. Highly recommend!

Minh T.

Hannah Antony is phenomenal. Highly recommended for athletes and active people that need to recover with proper assistance and support.

Gui F.