6 Apps for a Physiotherapist

Check out the most common apps I use in my physiotherapy practice!

I carry my phone around with me constantly as I’m treating – I use so many different apps depending on the treatment session, I like to have it handy! This is a list of my 6 most used apps for a physiotherapist. If you have more, please let me know! 

Humetric app for assessment of shoulder range of motion for physiotherapists


  • This app is for measuring shoulder range of motion
  • I can add in patients to track their progress quickly, and get an easy reading without needing a goniometer for really common shoulder movements 
  • On the hub, I can see the patient’s progress in a graph form which is nice to be able to show the patients 
  • It’s free to use and there is a paid version if you want extra features
switched on training for change of direction and unplanned reactive training

Switched On Training

  • I use this for change of direction drills and unplanned drills 
  • Once a patient is at a certain rehab level, I want them to have to react to a stimulus
  • You can use the paid version and get all of their drills, but I use the free version and create my own drills that are fairly simple
  • Free!
My Jump 2 app for vertical and horizontal jump testing for ACLR rehab

My Jump App 2

  • Without force plates, this is the only app that has been validated for jump measures 
  • I get jump height, force, RSI and can compare side to side with all my vertical jump testing 
  • It is a one off payment, but it wasn’t very expensive
  • There is no option to try it for free so I just had to trust that it was going to do what it said it would
  • It is a bit tedious and there definitely might be some human error involved when measuring, but it is the best thing I have currently for vertical jump measures without having force plates
  • One off payment for this version of the app, or subscription based for the full app
metronome app for timing tempo based exercises

Pro Metronome

  • Super useful for an external cue if you are trying to help a patient with a certain exercise
  • I use it for my capacity testing when I am checking muscle capacity – I set it to 60bpm for all capacity testing 
  • During tendon rehab I up the pace to 150-170bpm and during late stage stair running, up to 190bpm 
  • Also handy for patients who you give tempo work to and don’t want them having to count or cheat!
  • It’s free!
interval training app for planning exercise based rehab

Interval Timer

  • Handy tool to create any and all kinds of intervals
  • I usually show patients how I want them to use it, for example running drills where I want them doing something for 30s on, then 20s off – rather than them having to constantly check the clock, this will give them a buzzer alarm and you can rest immediately 
  • Also free!
measure app for range of motion

Measure App

  • This app comes with the utilities as part of your iPhone 
  • I use it for my horizontal jump tests and upper body measures for when you are looking to compare distance side to side, I find it much faster than having to get out the tape measure! 
  • Free to use!
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