ACL and Jaw surgery – what do these have in common?

Watch this 15 minute interview as we discuss ACLR and double jaw surgery, and surgical expectations.

This especially applies to ACLR surgeries since each injury can include (or not include) other injuries like meniscus tears, collateral ligament injuries, bone damage or fractures, different graft types, lateral extra-articular tenodesis procedure and the surgeon themselves!

Now if we broaden this to all types of surgeries, you can see where the commonalities start to fade. My ankle fracture surgery was very differrent to my ACL reconstruction surgery which was very different from my sister’s jaw surgery.

The main thing to take note is that each event can be impactful and life-changing.

In this 15 minute interview, Rachel and I discuss our various experiences with surgery. I have had an ankle surgery and an anterior crutciate ligament reconstruction surgery (ACLR). My sister has had double jaw surgery for dental reasons. We discuss getting back into exercise afterwards, and preparation for surgery.

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