ACL Injuries Ebook


An ACL injury can turn your world upside down. I’ve been there. I created this guide for anyone who has just torn their ACL or are in the beginning stages of their rehab.


In this 5 chapter eBook, we will cover:

  • contributing factors of tearing your ACL – modifiable and non-modifiable factors, including female specific risk factors
  • considerations for surgical or non-surgical pathways of rehab – discussions on the graft types, healing of the ACL and non-operative rehab options¬†
  • injury timelines for the first few days through to the first few months
  • key questions you need to ask the physio you will be working with
  • post-operative expectations including the physical and the psychological
  • general timelines and roadmap for ACLR rehab – discussion of milestones to hit for your progressions¬†


  • if you just tore your ACL
  • if you are opting for non-operative rehab
  • if you are about to have surgery or waiting for your surgery date
  • if you just had ACLR surgery

This ebook covers the information that you would get within a physio appointment with me. It is filled with education and insights to guide your initial recovery.

Having gone through the injury and surgery myself, as well as, guiding many patients though this journey as a physiotherapist, I am hoping to bring a bit of clarity to a time that feels chaotic.

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Disclaimer: When you read through the guide, please take note that all ACL injuries are unique. Please see a physiotherapist and sports medicine physician to diagnose and treat your injury. This eBook is not medical advice. This eBook is not meant to replace medical advice from your doctor, physio or surgeon.