Helping Teen Girls Build Bulletproof Mindsets

An interview with a psychologist on building bulletproof mindsets in the face of injury.
If you’ve been injured, you know the heartbreak of not being able to play during an important event and it sucks.

In this interview, I chat with Chantal from Pyramid Psychology about how physiotherapy can support a teen athlete when they do become injured.

A physiotherapist can be a strong pillar in an athlete’s recovery. We touched on how physiotherapy has a role in:
• support systems
• providing information and answering questions
• having an open line of communication
• reassurance
• creating a rehab plan with small goals, activity modifications and goal-oriented treatment
• being an advocate and leader in creating the team around the injured athlete

If you have any questions about what we discussed, please reach out!

Chantal is a Registered Psychologist in SE Calgary helping teen girls (and their parents) to build bulletproof mindsets. She has been working with diverse children, teens, and families for over 14 years and loves watching them thrive. Reach out to her through instagram or email ([email protected]).

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