Personal Training for Women

Personal training with Mosope Idowu - why women should strength train!

There’s still a certain perspective about taking the time as a woman, or individuals who identify as female, to work out, to feel strong, and to build muscle. Part of feminine norms in society, is the concept that women shouldn’t have muscles or want to be strong, that women are weak and wouldn’t even be able to handle sports or physical training – don’t get me started on this because it clearly grinds my gears!

I can understand that not everyone is comfortable or even wants to go to the gym – that’s where personal training can come into the mix.

If you are a mom-to-be or currently taking care of your kids and want to get stronger – Mosope has you covered. She’s motivated and bubbly and will be there to help you reach your goals. We met through Instagram initially, and then I had Mosope come into the clinic for a treatment session so she could experience a physiotherapy appointment with me. I love being able to connect and chat with trainers on a more personal level to find out their motivations.

We’re both passionate about providing care and attention to moms. The current healthcare system doesn’t provide moms with the support they need once they have had their baby. Mosope has experienced this herself, and was determined to help as many moms avoid this as possible.

You can work with Mosope and learn more about her at her website!

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