Advanced Knee Rehab Program – Part 2


Take your confidence in your knee to the next level during the Part 2 rehab program in 6 weeks. 

Work through any last deficits or discrepancies between your injured side and uninjured to get them both stronger and ready for your sport.

What you get:
  • All workouts in Part 2 are different to Part 1 of the Advanced Knee Rehab Programming
  • 2 days of strength workouts that include warm up, plyometric training and strength exercises
  • 1 day of running specific workouts including running mechanics and warm up drills and change of direction exercises
  • Exercise prescription with reps, sets and rest
  • Demonstration videos of all exercises
  • Options and explanations for testing and monitoring your progress
Who is it for?
  • You have completed Part 1 of the Advanced Knee Rehab Program without any issues
  • You have been participating in unrestricted lower limb training without any issues
  • Ready to take the confidence in your knee to the next level
  • No knee pain or concerns currently
What do you need?
  • Access to a fully equipped gym or home gym (barbell, dumbbells)

  • Access to an area to complete running and change of direction drills

These exercises will be some of the best knee rehab exercises that you may not have completed yet in your late stage rehab.

Having completed my own ACLR rehab and taken numerous patients through these programs – I know the work doesn’t stop at ‘return to sport’.

This is ONLY available through my app Ripple. You must be a Ripple Member to access the program and follow the videos.

Download Ripple here (free to download):

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The cost for the program is a $60CAD subscription fee that is charged monthly, through the app.


Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice or personalized fitness guidance. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any fitness program or making health-related decisions.