Tib Post Tendinopathy Injury Rehab Program


Get rid of your arch pain and back to your sport by following this phase-based injury rehab program for Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction and pain.

This program is a physiotherapist-approved 4 stage progressive rehab exercise program.

What you get:
  • introduction to the phase of rehab and what to expect of all 4 phases (acute, foundations, strength and return to sport)

  • programming with reps, sets and rest for the exercises

  • video demonstrations with explanations for each exercise provided by me (Hannah Antony, physiotherapist)

  • exit criteria to check off to move onto the next phase and make sure your injury is improving

  • gradual return to hopping and running guide

  • strength exercises for your foot and ankle complex

  • option to cancel your subscription at anytime

  • begin in the acute phase or skip to the later phases of rehab depending on your injury timeline

What do you need?
  • Bands for the acute stage of rehab and a step
  • Access to a weights for the mid-stage and end-stage rehab

Following a planned, gradual rehab program with targeted exercises will provide you with the pain management and staged progressions needed to return to your activities.

The Tib Post Tendinopathy injury rehab program that I provide on Ripple is based on the numerous patients I have helped guide through this injury.


How to access:
  • Purchase my web-based app Ripple – free to download
  • Purchase the program subscription at $60CAD charged per month for access to the injury rehab program

Follow the program at your own pace. Cancel at anytime.

Download Ripple:

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Disclaimer: This program is general exercise prescription and not made for your individual injury. It is recommended to see a health professional for a diagnosis, advice and exercise specific to your injury. This should not be taken as medical advice and should not replace advice from your treating health professional.