Ankle Stiffness Maintenance


Do you struggle with ankle stiffness after an injury or surgery? Keep working at it! You can improve your ankle mobility.

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  • It has 3 levels of ankle mobility exercises for dorsiflexion (bending ankle) and and plantarflexion (pointing ankle)
  • Follow along videos going through each exercise and progression

Ankle stiffness can impact:

  • your squat depth
  • distribution of load to the knees or hips
  • walking downstairs
  • getting into a full calf raise with running or jumping

Follow this program to improve your stiff ankles!

You can download this program and follow it with videos on my app: 



Disclaimer: This program may not be the best fit for you as it is a generic program and not tailored to you or a specific activity. Please take this into consideration when starting this program. If you are unsure about starting a new exercise program or have health conditions that will impact your exercise, please consult your doctor or preferred health professional before starting this program. Different people require different movements. If something doesn’t feel right, stop the exercise and evaluate. If you experience pain, then remove the exercise from the workout until you can see a physiotherapist to discuss this with you. If you experience discomfort or tightness, modify the exercise and monitor if you are able to improve these feelings over the course of the program. Consult with a health professional if you have any concerns.