The body loves to move.

My philosophy on movement and physiotherapy.

Movement can mean a lot of different things. I want to encourage anyone and everyone to find some sort of movement they enjoy and continue that through their lifetime. Along the way, there may be speedbumps or setbacks, and that might be where a physiotherapist can step in to help.

With movement and pain in our physiotherapy sessions, I am usually looking to modify current activities. With modified activities, we are wanting to reduce the aggravating movements, while keeping you doing what you love.

I usually call this ‘deload to reload’. We’ll make a plan for you to progressively increase your load, volume, and activity until you have reached your goals.

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I want to help you build your overall physical and mental capacity during our sessions. I want to empower you to have strategies should your issue begin to build up again. I hope to give you the tools to recognize these signs in your own body, so you can tailor your movement to keep building without causing pain or restriction. Movement can then become enjoyable and become a habit rather than chore.

You can browse my Youtube if you are looking for exercise/rehab ideas to incorporate into your training.

For Injury prevention programs (strengthening and mobility) & for injury rehab programs:

Browse Physiotherapist-approved strength programs or injury rehabilitation programs.

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