A bit more about me – Online Q&A with Canvas Rebel

I was featured in Canvas Rebel online interviews. Read some snippets here and get the full article link.

I did an online interview with Canvas Rebel a few months ago and wanted to share some key points that I talk about in my interview.

Choosing your first job:

I would say that I didn’t choose my job based on salary or a typical role in my field – I was looking for how I was going to be supported to grow into the type of clinician that I wanted to become.

On building a community and caseload:

Being a physiotherapist is mainly a relationship business. The emphasis on this should be much greater in our masters program since communication and developing relationships is the main driving factor to building a successful clientele and brand, which, in turn, greatly impacts your income. When someone asks me if they should pursue a career in physiotherapy, I always say they need to be a people person first.

Why I started Ripple:

My web-based app, Ripple, which can be found on my website, is the hub of these injury rehab programs. I was finding that many patients couldn’t keep up regular physio appointments, due to financial, geographical or personal reasons. The goal of the app is to provide physio-approved rehabilitation programs allowing people from all over the world to receive quality care.

On change, transition and pivoting:

This opportunity has developed my career into a hybrid of content creation and physiotherapy and will have a great influence on the next life decisions my partner and I make.

You can read the entire article at Canvas Rebel
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