Just Had a Baby? Getting back to exercise will take time.

Not sure how to get back into exercise post-partum? Watch this 20 minute interview.

Watch this interview about getting back to exercise with my sister, Rachel Friesen, after having her first child.

Returning to exercise after having a baby needs to be talked about more. We expect mothers to start taking care of this new human life, while putting their own life back together after undergoing a major life change and transition, AND a major injury.

In my opinion, having a baby should be considered similar to an injury in the sense that mothers need more check ins with the doctor and physiotherapist to help guide and advise on how they can return to their activity. One check up at 6 weeks post-partum, is not suitable for the extent of tissue change and body changes that a mother is going through.

Part of the job of a women’s health or pelvic floor physiotherapist can be to:
  • advise on gradually increasing exercise and how to
  • provide pelvic floor exercises and core exercises to reduce diastasis recti
  • help the mother adjust to these new changes and give tips on reducing symptoms of pelvic muscle pain, leaking, scar care and massage and so much more

The fact that many doctors don’t refer their mamas out to a women’s health/pelvic floor physio is a disservice to the mama. This care exists and should be used to help through this transition period. I haven’t personally gone through this so have a listen as I chat with my sister, Rachel, on her experience coming back into exercise post-partum. Rachel shares a lot of her motherhood journey on her instagram!

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