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Personal training can seem intimidating, especially if you have never done any type of training before. Start here.

How personal training can elevate you to your goals

Throughout the past 3 years, I’ve had a working relationship with Hannah Powley of Lift with Hannah. Having sent clients and patients back and forth to each other to reach the best outcomes and find the best fit for these individuals. Hannah shared some of her coaching insights which I’ll share here.

As a little background, Hannah Powley and I first met through Instagram, both having a passion for movement. When we met for breakfast, we got along so well, dubbed ourselves HanSquared, and had 100 ideas for collab videos that we were going to make – all before covid-19 placed heavier restrictions on Calgary – this was back in 2020.

Hannah has evolved as a personal trainer including holistic coaching into her arsenal making her your go-to coach to get your mind and body ready to reach your potential.

Having a coach that is working directly with you can be great for your goals – you can create a plan based on your timeframe, outcomes, lifestyle and gym set up.

Trainers may work with you through a few different cycles:

  • Macrocycle or the big picture – 1 year
  • Mesocycle – the training block – think in 4-8 week blocks
  • Microcycle – week to week training changes

Each trainer may have a different structure to determine how to best program for you and could include:

  • Movement assessment and outcome measures – finding out where you may be most limited and then targeting those areas as long as they are related to your goals
  • Mental checks to find out how your body responds to training, your mindset in this current season of your life, and stress management strategies
  • Communication and devliery of the program – you and the trainer can work out if you will be doing in person training, online programming or hybrid

Hannah Powley starts out her training as building the foundation and going from there.

First you are building the house. This is building resilience and tolerance to training.

How many times have you been told to stop your exercise from your physio? Having a team around you can create an environment to meet your goals.

Let’s get you back to what you love most. You might have some pain, and we’ll address it, but at the end of the day, you are more than your diagnosis.

Have a listen to this video to see how myself, as a physiotherapist, and Hannah Powley, holistic coach, would approach this collaboration so that your goals are always top of mind.

You can contact Hannah Powley through her website!

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