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Do you find stress impacts your pain? Read this to find out why.
Do you find stress impacts your pain? Read this to find out why.

This post is a summary of a discussion with Simone Saunders of The Cognitive Corner.

We discussed all things mind & body – particularly stress and physical symptoms I encounter in clinic.

  • Headaches – tension and cerviogenic headaches are extremely common
  • Upper traps, neck and shoulder tightness
  • Jaw tension and pain
  • Pelvic floor OVER-activity
  • Slower recovery from injury
  • Exercise dosing – figuring out the dose and type of exericse that will help an individual, as exercise can be fulfilling and energizing, but it can also be draining and a source of stress
  • Strategies for breaks during stressful activities, particuarly work
  • Having someone to make a movement plan with and ongoing accountability

The body is in a heightened state of awareness and is often in a protective mode. This can manifest as:

  • Slower recovery
  • Positive nerve tension tests
  • Stiffness and fear of movement
  • Pain flare ups that occur during an increase in stress
  • This comes down to the individual! As a physio, I usually start with the physical, but I’ll often bring up other factors in the person’s life to get a bigger picture of what they may be going through
  • I like to bring exercise and movement in as a positive stressor, or stress reliever. We make goals and aim for changes that are sustainable
  • If things don’t change, we re-evaluate and decide what the next best step is

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