Running and Physiotherapy

Listen to this interview to get tips from a physiotherapist specific to running injuries.

Watch this 45minute interview to get physio tips for preventing injury in runners.

1️⃣ Build up your body’s tolerance to running specifically
2️⃣ Know that ‘overtraining’ injuries are often being ‘underprepared’ or ‘under-recovering’- meaning too much too soon
3️⃣ You may think you are being gradual because you have training history, but running is it’s own activity, treat the build up as such

  • Our body can handle a lot, you just need to give it time to adapt
  • There will have to be a balance between running specific training, which is necessary, along with building tissue and lung capacity
  • Utilize crosstraining (cycling, swimming), change up your running (hills, intervals)
  • Start resistance training and include plyometrics, explosive type exercises, and even bodyweight exercises
  • Fill your recovery cup to prevent injury
  • Having a calendar and periodizing your training — chat with your coach about this!
  • Take preventative measures — see a physio now! You don’t need to be injured to see a health professional
  • The demand that you are asking of your body must be met with equal recovery
  • Your coach, your physio and yourself should be working as a mini team to set you up for success – navigate your energy levels, your training load and preventative measures within your training plan

Check out this interview to hear Anna Lee, from @irunnation, and I discuss all things running!

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This interview took place in 2021.

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